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"My body clock

is completely screwed up. I’m drinking again. One minute I’m flat on my face in the living room, crying and deep in despair, the next I’m tearing back up, moving so fast my head is spinning, trying to do a million things at once, trying to keep up with the rocketing, plummeting moods.

I can’t so much as clean my apartment. My bills pile up, unpaid. The phone gets turned off. I’m so broke I’m feeding my cat cans of beans. The only things in my refrigerator are a bag of wilted carrots and beer. I guzzle coffee all day and vodka all night.

What’s wrong with me? Nothing. I’m fine. I’ve just become a lazy slob. Get ahold of yourself. Now.

But I can’t. And soon enough I snap.”

- Marya Hornbacher, Madness Madness

I’m obsessed with food.

Also, I had sex in a haunted theater last night.

That is all. You may go.

So I woke up and was like “I’m gonna get stoned and go for a run like every morning,” but then somehow my brain and body were like “no, you’re gonna get stoned and watch an hour long video of toonami promos in your underwear.”

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Belated sexy selfie sausage fest. 😘 (at Logan Square Power Outage)

Belated sexy selfie sausage fest. 😘 (at Logan Square Power Outage)

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Well, fuck.

It’s all right. I’m a bit out of it tonight.

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Guess who got a second job which does not require her to dress up like a banana sometimes?

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Getting Femmy with it?

I know your accessories could use a little revival. Try one of these kick-ass patches and show your bookbag/jacket/lapel/scarf/whatever who’s boss, baby.

Fucking love this show.

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